I will help your business grow and be sustainable!

I will help your business grow and be sustainable!

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Nombre: Christian Daube
Correo: ch.daube@gmail.com
Telefono: +4917620244458
Celular: +573213514627

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About This Gig
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Do you want to grow and scale your business? Are you curious how to do it?


Let's talk!


My day-by-day purpose and vision is to help you improve and grow your business and organization in the short-term with impact in the mid- and long-term, exploring and creating significant change in your business.


In order to explore and find ways to scale growth of your business, we'll need to:

Do a deep diagnosis different aspects of your business and organization,
Think of the long and short term vision, as well as strategies,
We might need to do many experiments of ideas to improve,
We'll then test and experiment, try and fail/succeed, repeat.
Continously, we will think of more ways how to improve in different business areas, or with new business models/products and services and markets.
In the meantime, we'll also check on your organization and team to see whether it's suitable for growth.


More details will be discussed in the first hour!